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Auch heute gibt es wieder die Originalantworten in Englisch und Italienisch zur zehnten Folge der Interviewserie auf meinem Blog und auf dem Blog von

Die zehnte Frage lautete:

Do you have an ultimate tip for language learners? What is the most important advice?

Qual è il tuo consiglio più importante per una persona che vuole imparare una lingua?


Viel Spaß beim Lesen der Antworten. Die deutschen Übersetzungen findest du in den beiden oben verlinkten Artikeln.

Olly Richards

Find people you enjoy speaking to, and speak with them as much as possible. You need to be using the language for real purposes, or you won’t get anywhere fast.

Jane Eggers

My ultimate tip is to make it real: find a real and immediate reason to communicate in the language you are learning. The very best way to do that is to go to a country where the language is spoken, but you can also do it by reading articles about subjects that interest you, learning the lyrics of songs you like, exchanging e-mails with someone you have a common interest with, trying out recipes, and so on. If you have a real (or close to real) need, the learning will come naturally.

Guilherme Castro

The ultimate tip from the bottom of my heart is: enjoy the process. I also like to dream about the day when I will be speaking the language as if I was a native. Sometimes I close my eyes and start imagining that. That is cool. But people should learn to enjoy the process of learning. The process of learning is beautiful. I can remember the first time I understood an entire video on English. I was so excited and emotional that I almost cried. The first time I finished reading a novel on Japanese I was so proud of myself. The first time I talked for 30 minutes with a Japanese friend and we laughed and enjoyed the conversation I kept smiling for days remembering that moment and thinking how my entire days studying Japanese in the past were worthy. Being able to notice our progress is a magical sensation that pays your effort. The first sentence you understand is like a new trip to a new world. Listen to a song and out of nowhere notice that you understand the lyrics. Those moments are all so beautiful! I am sounding too much poetical, but that is all true. So I encourage everyone to enjoy their Language Learning trip and keep in their memories those beautiful moments that language acquisition gives to us.

Kirsty Major

Have fun! If you enjoy doing something, you will do it willingly and you will go over and above what you “should” be doing because you want to do it. Find activities that you enjoy and build them into your language learning programme. Find people with whom you enjoy spending time who can also speak that language.

Giulia Novali

Amore, costanza e impegno! Qualità necessarie per qualsiasi obiettivo, anche extra-linguistico, si abbia nella vita!

Chiara Fortini 

I miei suggerimenti più importanti per una persona che vuole imparare una lingua sono:

Essere costanti nell’esercizio

Essere curiosi

Non aver paura di sbagliare

Divertirsi coniugando lo studio della lingua alle proprie passioni

Claudia Scaringi

Siate gentili con voi stessi. Imparare una lingua è sempre un po’ faticoso e si inizia  a vedere la luce alla fine del tunnel quando si arriva a un livello B2 o più avanzato. Finchè non raggiungerete questo livello, a volte potrete sentirvi confusi e un po’ persi ma questo è normale, capita a tutti, non vuol dire che siete stupidi o che le lingue straniere non facciano per voi. Tutti siamo passati di lì, l’unica differenza è che le persone che hanno già studiato una lingua straniera sanno che è solo questione di avere un po’ di pazienza. Se vi capiterà di pensare “faccio schifo in cinese” o “l’arabo non fa per me” fermatevi per qualche momento e ricordatevi che questi sono pensieri dettati solo dalla fatica, perseverando raggiugerete il vostro scopo.

Das waren die Originalantworten zur zehnten Interviewfrage. Die Antworten von Giulia, Chiara, Olly, Kirsty und Jane in deutscher Sprache findest du bei mir auf dem Blog, die Antworten von Claudia und Guilherme bei

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